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MELI MELO VIDEO helps create a specific narrative.

Let's call it video editing at another level: you give us images, we'll give you a story.

Miriam AltounjiFounder

Editing can be mistaken for a purely technical job but it’s far from that. It takes time, patience, and creativity. After completing my studies in cinema and communications at Dawson College (2004) and Concordia University (2008,) I acquired a range of video editing experience: from understanding story structure to handling clients. I worked as a freelance editor before joining the Films Seville (eOne) team where I remained for 4 years. I started as Distribution coordinator and finished as Post-production supervisor. My creativity as well as my technical abilities are what drove me to found MELI MELO VIDEO in 2009 and start editing the trailers and TV ads I was also producing at Films Seville. As I got more comfortable working in distribution, I quickly took on responsibilities that went beyond my job description: writing marketing plans, contributing to establishing film campaigns, and working closely with film directors when it came to creating their trailers and TV ads, both as distributor and creative editor. I left Films Seville in April 2013 in order to fully concentrate on MELI MELO VIDEO and take it to the next level.





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